Are you concerned about finding the right prospects, struggling to keep your campaign on track, or worried about buying the right prospect research tool?

Specializing in small to mid-sized organizations and institutions, and national and international organizations, Jen Filla draws from her experience as a prospect researcher and major gift officer to help organizations create and grow their major gift programs.

Frequently overlooked and under-budgeted, building prospect research infrastructure is critical to the success of capital campaigns and other major gift initiatives – and essential to keeping the momentum going long after the campaign.

The following is a sampling of some of the ways Jen has worked with fundraising teams:
  • Crafting prospecting strategies for organizations needing to reach out into the community to find major gift prospects.
  • Helping organizations make the best use of internal resources, including staff and wealth screenings.
  • Walking development teams through a session where they create the prospect research procedures as a team, ensuring everyone has ownership.
  • Training your entire development team in research basics to get everyone talking the same language.
  • Assisting you in creating and tweaking your relationship management system to keep prospects moving through the gift cycle and to provide leadership with the reporting needed to plan and make decisions based on information.

Do you want to take your major gift efforts to the next level? Call Jen at (727) 202-3405.