Guest Blogging Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in
guest blogging!

In this blog, I write articles that provide fundraising professionals with the power to PERFORM their work with excellence, LEAD with research, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

My articles address either of two audiences – fundraising researchers or frontline fundraisers – but all articles relate to the topic of prospect research, which includes profile research, relationship management, and fundraising analytics.

A good article for this blog…

  • Is a well-written, high-quality original article (Google hates duplicate content and we like SEO)
  • Reflects the writing style/tone of the Jennifer Filla blog
  • Includes a short author bio, your photo, and 1-3 ways to connect with you (e.g., email, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Provides proper attribution of data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the post
  • Is as long as it needs to be to be high quality; if you feel unsure, read through some past articles for guidance
  • Does not self-promote in the body of the article (save that for your author bio)

How to Submit your Article

  1. Email your article, or article idea, to me at (article should be in MS Word and don’t forget to attach your photo as a separate file)
  2. I will confirm receipt and communicate if there are any changes needed
  3. Once the article is finalized, I will confirm the posting date
  4. Prior to the posting date, I will send you a PDF preview of the post
  5. On the posting date I will remind you the post is live and provide you with the URL

Things You Can Do When the Post is Live

  • Share it like crazy!
  • Use the title or a short quote/excerpt as a teaser in your newsletter or on your website with a “read more” link to the full post
  • Add the article and link to your resume or any other list of articles you have published

By submitting your article you agree…

  • Not to republish your guest post to your own blog or anywhere else online afterward (remember how Google hates duplicate content?)
  • That Jennifer Filla may edit and adapt your guest blog content on the blog as need be, and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness
  • That Jennifer Filla may include calls-to-action to other content on the same page as the guest post

Thank you again for your interest in writing for the Jennifer Filla blog. I look forward to learning and sharing with you!